The UniFG master degree of Laws course is structures in three groups:

Group 1: compulsory subjects

Group 2: research line elective subjects

Group 3: ordinary elective subjects

Three courses are compulsory in order to stand for the research lines and those are clearly connected and state the own conception of the concentration area:

  • Law theory (45 lesson/times)
  • Legal hermeneutics (45 lesson/times)
  • Foundation Law theory (45 lesson/times)

The research line Laws Foundations, Ethics and Autonomy LP1 offers four courses:

  • State and Constitution (30 lesson/times)
  • Ethics and Law Foundation (30 lesson/times)
  • New Rights (30 lesson time)
  • Law’s Autonomy dimensions (30 lesson/times)

The research line Laws Efficacy, Democracy and Process LP2 offers four courses:

  • Access to justice and to judicial system (30 lesson/times)
  • Constitutionals guarantees (30 lesson/times)
  • Democracy theory (30 lesson/times)
  • Constitutional jurisdiction (30 lesson/times)

These courses optimize the cohesion between the two research lines, and so master students from both research lines could attend to any courses, once they serve to the master degree integration from the concentration area. The courses are the following:

– Law and Utilitarianism (30 lesson/times)

-Law and Economy: Capitalism geneses and evolution (30 lesson/times)

-Decision theory (30 lesson/times)

-Human Rights International protection (30 lesson/times)

– Law, Literature and Cinema (30 lesson/times)

-Research Methodology (30 lesson/times)

-Author study (30 lesson/times)

– Special Topics (30 lesson/times)

And so, it is necessary to emphasize that the last two disciplines have the specific propose to give certain flexibility to the curriculum structure as they enable the program refreshment as by the authors’ discussion or specific themes, or as by the utilization of external teachers.

The remaining credits come from the following activities:

-Research seminar, equivalent of three credits (45 lesson/times)

-Teaching seminar, equivalent two of credits (30 lesson/times)

– Orientation, equivalent of six credits (90 lesson/times)