Research lines

LP1: Laws Foundations, Ethics and Autonomy

The entitled research line Laws Foundations, Ethics and Autonomy LP1 has the object of investigation the Law structure basis, its institutions and the own justice system, in a philosophical, epistemological theoretical perspective. It debates the validity of Laws problem as so the methodology applied at the Law science. It studies one of the principal achievements of the second post-war period constitutionalism: the Laws high degree autonomy – facing politics, moral and economy, for instance, which incidence directly affects the interpretation fields and legal norms application. It analyses the normative ethical models and its impacts at Laws. It approaches to the modern state evolution and the constitutionalism, bringing in account the globalization influxes, the transnational sphere and the Latin America specificities. It explores the “new rights”, considering the auto determined rights, minority rights, animals’ rights, cultural rights and the right facing new technologies.

LP2: Laws Efficacy, Democracy and Process

The entitled research line Laws Efficacy, Democracy and Process LP2 has the object of investigation the problem of Laws implementation, the institutions performance and the justice system operation, assuming a normative pragmatic perspective. It analyses the democracy as a possible condition for contemporary legal orders legitimacy, as though the democracy consolidated by laws. It discuss the justice access problem in a wider meaning and the necessity of judicial system restructure, approaching themes that involve since jurisdiction crisis and conflict treatment manners until the courts computerization revolution. It questions the limits and possibilities of Laws performance by the constitutional jurisdictional exercise, although its importance and centrality at the architectural of current democracies. It studies the legal process and the legal actors, highlighting the constitutional guarantees – procedural hue – as a structural element of all jurisdictional democracy provision.