The UniFG master degree of Law has the aim to provide studies and researches concerned to laws foundations questions and Law efficacy problems from the indivisible conception of these two dimensions, considering the concentration area.

Specific Aims

(1) Be an investigative space with interdisplinary, innovative and especially critical character;

(2) Offer to the community an environment favorable reflection for continuity of studies after graduating;

(3) Provide a consistent comprehension of Law and the legal phenomena since its foundations until its efficacy, understanding the relation between these two dimensions;

(4) Question the technical, formal and dogmatic legal thinking throughout the dialogic and discussing learning and engaged with the development and scientific progress;

(5) Provide a methodological solid basis research in different categories with emphasis to the empirical research, case studies and literature review;

(6) Encourage descriptive, analytical and empirical researches about problems that involve regional, national or international reality, enabling and qualifying the egresses for the problems comprehension and search for the solutions;

(7) Develop and strengthen up the MPL researches groups, stimulating and integrating the research nets with others institutions;

(8) Act in the bachelors’ excellence continuity and form human resources to own UniFG ant to others institutions;

(9) Foster the UniFG relations with others institutions by establishing associations, accords and academic cooperation, aim the development of cooperation activities, as interinstitutional research, lecture mobility and students exchange; and

(10) Consolidate UniFG as a reference center on studies and researches concerned with the concentration area.