Egress Profile

The UniFG Master degree of Laws seeks to form masters of Laws, whose profile has the following characteristics:

(1) Comprehension domain of Laws foundations and efficacy, within the philosophical/epistemological (theory) and normative/functional (pragmatic) dimensions;

(2) Operational capability of methodology on its different categories;

(3) Insertion in the academic environment and permanent dialogue with others knowledge;

(4) Ability to search in foreign languages and environment;

(5) Preparation for the higher education teaching in a high level, which comprehends the use of didactic resources and permanent initiative to research;

(6) Impulse to team work and institutional compromise;

(7) Ethical and serious academic engagement;

(8) Production of legal knowledge by publishing books, books chapters, periodicals articles, seminars and workshops, within others ways to intellectual manifestation;

(9) Accurate perception from regional, national and international reality and search solutions for the contemporary legal and social problems;

(10) Academic humility as a condition to progress in knowledge.

This profile intends to stimulate in the future researcher the interest for approaches that hold the questions complexity – theoretical and practical – that are concerned to the law science nowadays, promoting the combination of different research sources and methodologies. Such characteristics reveal the course singularity proposal, once the principal aim is not explore specific thematic research, but to invest at innovative approaches for the legal knowledge structural domains.