The master degree of Laws is placed at UniFG Campus I in an area of 30.000m² with a wide space for interaction, food court, multi-sport gymnasium and parking lot.

The facilities are modern and with excellence principles (quality and comfort facilities), security (access control, camera monitoring and fire fighting plan), accessible and inclusion (adjustments for students with disabilities) and sustainability (cistern system for water collection and utilization) with a highlight for the multidisciplinary laboratories complex and advanced technological resources available.

Beyond the administrative structure, the new campus has acclimatized classrooms with internet access, equipped with computers and video and audio system. The major events are preformed at the multi-sport gymnasium that has capacity for 800 (eight hundred people).

The Nice Amaral Library has a collection of 15 thousand titles – part is from the digital library- and over 40 thousand samples that could be searched by the internet linked terminals and to the computer-based system. As well as collective tables for research, reading and study, rooms acclimatize, equipped with monitors and internet access for work group, and individual study rooms acclimatized and with internet access. Also, it is open to the community.

The library has direct and remote access to the following data basis, national and international periodicals: CAPES periodicals portal, SPEEL – Scientific Eletronics Periodicals Library, SCIELO – Scientific Eletronics Library Online, DOAJ – Directory of Open Access Journals, SUMÁRIOS – Brazilian Journals Summary and WDL World Digital Library.

There are computer laboratories designed for practical class and researches, equipped with ultimate generation computers with accessible software for disabled people, multifunctional printers for digitalization, copy and print of files and documents.

Still, stands out that all UniFG facilities have internet access for teachers, students and employees to connect their electronic devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) to the WI-FI net.

The master degree of Laws also has the following exclusive infrastructure facilities for exclusive use: one room for master coordination office, one room for master of law secretary and two rooms for classes equipped with computer and audio and video system.

Teachers have furnished offices for them to keep their personal belongings, to develop their activities and to guidance the master and graduation students; teachers share their office with a colleague.