The program

The UniFg Master’s program Sensu Strico of Laws is the first master degree in Law from North and Northeast countryside region inaugurated in 2016. The UniFg Master’s program Sensu Strico of Laws it was recognized by the Ministry of Education at the decree nº 256 in 15/02/2017, published DOU in16/02/2017.

The Master degree of Laws is concentrated on the area: Laws foundations and efficacy structures in two research lines: Laws foundations, ethics and autonomy (LP1) and Laws efficacy, democracy and process (LP2).

Besides, it is a Master degree with a singular approach in the Laws theory and focus on a proposal that brings side by side the Law basis, its institutions, justice system, from a philosophical, theoretical and epistemological perspective and the study from the related questions of implementation of laws, the institutions performance and the justice system operation from the normative, functional and pragmatic perspective.

With a qualified academic staff, composed by experts teachers from renowned national and foreign universities, the master degree of Laws is offered to bachelors and law professionals (lawyers, attorneys, defenders, prosecutors, judges, public servants, etc) as so, to the graduated in related areas.

Therefore, the UniFG master degree of Laws intends to form researches on an environment of excellence at the Law area and so, they will be able to contribute effectively to the central facing problems of Law and its regional, national, and international reflections.