UniFG – University Center – was born to fulfill a historical demand for higher education on Guanambi city and overpass all expectations.  This demand has marked the political and social agendas of a significant part of population from the cities located at Bahia’s semiarid region, articulating local political forces in several areas, and so redesigning the higher education countryside scenario at the Brazil’s Northeast region.

The UniFG foundation is closely related to the city viability as a higher education potential center in all areas: education, research and extension and at the larger public policies debates: economical development, environmental sustainability and all affairs from this territory and people.

Furthermore, the UniFg institution represented one of the most important convergences ever seen at the local history, as it served to the Guanambi city and all cities located at Bahia and Minas Gerais north region. Nowadays, it is deeply identified with the region growth and prosperity, as an accessible and necessary instrument to students, to the market, civil society organizations, political actors and others public and private institutions.

For all those reasons, the UniFG, as a reference of higher education at the Bahia’s semiarid region, has been approved to the Master’s program Sensu Strico of Laws (MPL), thus it integrates the select catalogue of institutions that produces scientific knowledge, teacher training and researches qualified to develop Law process, products and methodologies.